Summer is quickly creeping by us while the smells of smoldering, finger licking barbecue,

as the outdoor music concerts melodies seems to be playing its last notes. I reflect on what a great summer it’s been for my family and I. Can you believe it has been a whole year, Calvary? I feel like I am not only getting to know the members of the church but also our community. Cyrus and Jaron are able to walk the neighbor’s dog named Bailey. Our princess, Cecile, loves running in the beautiful yard with all the pretty flowers. Last, but not least, Terence is looking forward to Labor Day as he brought a grill; he’s excited to see how many hamburgers can fit on it. It may be safe to say that it feels like we are getting settled. 

In August, we invited Calvary to be part of a sermon series called “UNAFRAID”, which is aligned with Adam Hamilton’s book. During the sermons, we explored how complex fear can harm and how it cheats us of the life we desire most. Weekly, we learned new tools to add to our tool chest on how we can take our lives back, with the help of God. Daily, we must make a choice whether we are going to give into the terror, anxiety, worry and fear that tries to permeate our lives or believe and hold true to the promise of God that says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of Power and of Love and of a Sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV) If you have not purchased your book, it is not too late!

As the church continues to respond to the needs of the community, we are grateful for our partnership with Resilient, Inc. which has provided an opportunity to serve. Every 3rd Thursday, community meals were served even during the months of July and August, when we are normally off. We continue to look to collaborate with the Resilient team to see how we can continue to offer various services to the community including back to school rally with lots of Fellowship, Food, and FUN for the young ones in September.

It is said that the only constant is change, so it is imperative to accept positively. We have had a number of our members to transition to different chapters in their lives - including moves to new facilities and new cities. May God continue to help us navigate through uncharted territories - understanding that God is the captain, and we are the passengers. Let us continue to yield to the loving presence and power of the God in our lives.

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Pastor Julie